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Friday, July 12, 2013

I Did Not Intend To Be So MIA.....

Let me start off by saying that I have been a terrible blogger lately.  I want to share with you what has been happening. 

I woke up one morning with chest pain. I felt it was odd, but I went to work. When I was at work, I noticed that my breathing got worse. I called a health care questions number on my lunch break. When I told them how I was, they called an ambulance. I spent seven hours in emergency getting tests run. The doctors told me I had a pulled muscle and I was sent home. 

So I went back to work after a weekend's rest.

On Wednesday, I began vomiting. I was a little scared, but didn't do anything about it. The next day, was a complete nightmare. I vomited five times and became so weak. I was scared and went to outpatients. I spent another seven hours getting blood work.  I got an ultrasound done Friday morning--- and spent another five hours in the hospital where I found out I had gall stones.  I was given meds.

I was off work for two weeks.  I was not used to the meds and when I went back to work, I couldn't stop falling asleep.  The pain would not go away. 

I woke up one morning with such extreme pain that I began to cry. I felt like I was being torn apart and I could not move. I went back to the hospital and spent a few hours  crying to the doctor to get my gall bladder out.

I was scheduled for surgery and got my gallbladder removed.  I have been recovering really well, and I go back to work on Tuesday. 

I do want to let you know that I wish I could have updated sooner. 

Please take care of yourselves.

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