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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learning Along the Way-- Goal Update 2013

Well this past month was a challenging one for me.. While my monthly goal update posts are usually mentioning my specific goals, I decided that this one will be different. I want to share with you one particular goal and tell you how I’ve grown over the past few months.

  I have always had the biggest barriers up concerning self-esteem and especially relationships. I wrote a post about that here  so feel free to read because it goes along with what I have just realized. 

 I began to get to know someone, and things were great. At first. However, they began to take things in a direction that really did not make me feel comfortable. I tried to stay silent because I wanted to make them happy. I began to lose sight of who I was and felt that  if they couldn’t accept me for being a plus sized girl, then they are definitely not worth accepting all of me.  I realized that I could no longer keep everything in and that I was empty on the inside.
So I told them that I could no longer do it anymore, and that I was never going to be a priority but only an option with them.  


I am worth more than that.

 I learned a lesson here. Don’t make yourself an option when you should be a priority. Find that person who is going to treat you with respect. Respect yourself first because you if you don’t, then you’ll let people walk all over you and steal who you are. Find the person that will compliment all of you.  Forget what they expected of you and take control of what you expect of yourself. You’re worth more than someone telling you that you will never meet their expectations. Take value in yourself. People come into your life for a reason; but it’s up to us to find out what the reason is.  It’s okay to say that things are not working and that it’s best to walk away.

I realized that it’s not up to the person I am with to put all of the broken pieces back together. It’s my job to do that and they are only there to compliment the journey.

It’s all about what you learn along the way......


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