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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Start---My Goals for 2013


Every year I aim to make resolutions. I make them, but I have the worst determination to stick to them. It seems like once the novelty has worn down, then my interest fades. Viewing the New Year as a new outlook, I am setting small goals for myself that can be part of a larger goal.

So here are my categories:
Health/Mental Health

Let’s get into the categories.....


Be a better friend: call/message/facebook/tweet two friends a day just to check in.  We all live busy lives. It is just nice to hear from a friend to see how you are.  

Be more open to meeting new people: Sometimes, I’m a little shy to meet new people. I like to think of myself as outgoing but I tend to hold back when meeting new people.  I intend to create conversation with new people.


Find a job: Since I have my Social Work degree, I would ideally like to get a social work job. 

Practice my driving skills: I really need to do this especially since I need it for work.


I absolutely enjoy writing and making videos. I know that I’m not the most regular updater. 

Create a blog schedule: I’ve been saying this for so long, and I’m tired of not letting my creative energy be expressed as much as I would like it to. So I’m setting a goal to post at least three times a week. I am also going to try to write in advance, so that I can really take the time that I would like to put into my posts.  I’m not saying that I don’t put time into my posts. I want to put even more time into it.
Create a video schedule: I want to make more videos. I just never seem to get into a routine. I am hoping to find a routine into making more videos.
Network: I want to reach out to other bloggers this year. It’s called the beauty community for a reason! I am also wanting to interact more on social media. So I am setting a small goal to connect more on social media! I also want to thank those that follow me on social media, so I am wanting to do “Weekly Round Up” posts where I am able to do so!


Student Loan: I am hoping that with my goal to find work, I can pay off what is left of my loan. 

Extended No- Buy: If you haven’t read about my extended no buy plans, please click here! I am wanting to use up the products I have because why purchase it if you are not going to use it? I am also tired of seeing overabundance in my life, and it’s time that I set that free. So I’m only going to allow myself to buy essentials like makeup wipes. Plus, I want to see how much money  I can actually save.


Eat better: I want to be more selective of what I put into my body. 

Lose weight: I’m not aiming to lose a huge amount of weight, but if it happens, then so be it. I want to set small goals for myself concerning this because this is where it can be a deal breaker. I do not want to set a specific number for this because if I do not reach it, then I’ll think of myself as a failure. That does more damage.


Stop being so critical of myself: I can be the worst critic of myself and my “shortcomings”. Whenever I feel the need to put myself down, I need to take a step back and say, “Not this time”. If I keep repeating that, I’m hoping that I won’t do it! 

Take time for me: I need to take time to just recoup some energy and do something just for me. It could be painting my nails, or reading a good book. 

Read more: I love to read, and I have my e-reader just wanting some love. It’s sad to say, but with things going on, I always seem to neglect reading.  I do want to read more, and perhaps include a book in my favorites! 

Be more confident in myself: I never want to be one to do things to make others happy. It’s much more important to make sure I am happy before anything else.I want to be able to stand strong in my decisions and be confident in knowing that I am living my life-- not someone else’s.  

Avoid negativity: It’s hard to avoid negativity in life. I am just tired of letting negativity control how I think about myself and how a negative comment from anyone can stay longer than a positive comment.  It’s a part of life that not everyone is going to like you, what you stand for, or the decisions you make. However, I can no longer hold onto all of the damage that is the cause of feeding into negativity.  I want to accept the fact that I need to be stronger than the negative force in order to avoid it.

Are you setting goals for yourself for the new year? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

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FrancescaVaughan said...

Such a good post! I've done something similar! The goals are very good :) expecially to avoid negativity!

F x