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Friday, January 4, 2013

Makeup Rehab- A New Series!


Have you ever felt like you have a serious makeup "addiction"?  Have you ever felt the terror of realizing that you have a bunch of makeup, but yet that one palette is calling your name? 

 Welcome to Makeup Rehab! 

This new series has been inspired by Casey of BeautyBlog101. Every time we tweet about new products, we always seem to enable each other with the hashtag #makeuprehab.  I was thinking of my Extended No-Buy and then  Makeup Rehab came into mind. 

I've become quite addicted to scouring the beauty aisles and it pains me to not do so.  It sounds ridiculous, but I have thought that there is a "need" rather than a "want" for makeup. I had to have this specific lipstick, that specific eyeshadow palette.  It dominated my hobby of makeup. Being on the constant search for the "newest" item,  I ignored products that I already had.

In these Makeup Rehab posts, I hope to share with you tips I find helpful; such as how to organize your makeup, how to avoid temptation, and how to not beat yourself up over your no-buy.

I would like to get your feedback:

What would you like to see in these Makeup Rehab posts?

Have a great weekend!

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