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Monday, January 28, 2013

Leaps of Faith-2013 Goal Update

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 I used to hear that when you open your mind and heart to positive energy, it comes to you. This month, I truly believe that.  I will share with you most of my beyond amazing January.

I used to really struggle with people and negative energy. It got to the point where I could just feel it in the air as if it surrounded them. I would try to be the best person I could be by supporting them, but then I became burdened. I totally get the fact that we all have days that are rough. I do not expect everyone to be sunshine and cupcakes. In all seriousness, I am talking about those that feed into negative energy and become sucked into it so much that they cannot or will not see any positivity come their way. It’s like this: they’ve opened to negativity so therefore have closed on the positive.
I don’t expect people to be perfect. Perfection is unattainable. No one is ever going to be perfect.  As human beings, we are works of progress.

You may be wondering how I got here. I was always the person who would say that I was going to make resolutions, but then found myself never keeping to them. I found that I’d be so into it for the first few days of January, but as soon as February came, I’d be Little Miss Slacker.

I knew that something that needed to change.  I began making goals for myself. I always like visual representations such as lists or charts.  So I began writing down categories with goals under them.  

My categories are:





Health/Mental Health

If you would like to see my goals, please check out this post

I will admit that there are categories that were not as worked on as much as they should have, but there will be some months that will cover all categories and some months that they not.  So let’s talk about what I did do!


I have kept in touch with friends and have made some new ones!!!  


I have made a blog schedule. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it, but I really do!!! I also like the fact that I have kept with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule.
I have also networked with other bloggers. I also have been enjoying the “Weekly Round Up” posts.


My Extended No Buy is going better than I expected. I recognized the fact that I didn’t buy anything this past month and my mom said “It was just a month. I could understand if it was six months”. I laughed that off, because I know that one month without buying things is fantastic. I’m proud of myself.

Mental Health:

I have taken my biggest leap of faith here.  By opening up and talking to people, I have found this sense of calm.  I know that it sounds like I am dancing around and being unclear. The simplest way of explaining it is that I have always been the person who would not let people get past the walls that I set up to defend myself emotionally.  I always kept myself emotionally withdrawn from really opening myself to people because I was terribly afraid of getting ridiculed and rejected by them. Previous life experiences definitely had an impact on me and affected me more than I thought, and I am definitely working on making sure that my past does not affect my future.

With this sense of calm, I have found myself getting really abrupt with those that subscribe to negativity. I just cannot have it around me anymore. It does not do any good.  It is not necessary and it makes me feel sick.

I had set a goal to make more beauty videos, but I am slowly realizing that I am okay with not doing so.  Maybe someday soon, I will get back into making my own. I  still enjoy watching videos, though!  I also find myself not wearing makeup as much as I used to. It’s actually surprising to me.  I still love makeup, but I don’t feel like I need a face full of makeup on every single day.

I have realized this month that you cannot expect another person to provide your happiness. 

 Get out there and take charge of the life you want to live. 

I have been following this statement for the past month and I truly believe it:
“Sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith to find your own path of happiness”

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I nominated you for a liebster award please see my blog for full details. I look forward to seeing your post if you decide to take part :)


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