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Monday, October 22, 2012

25 Random Facts TAG


I always love reading tag blog posts or watching tag videos.  It’s such a great way to find out more about the person behind the blog or videos. I’ve seen this tag around where you tell 25 Random Facts about yourself, so I thought that I would do it.  Hope that you enjoy this and I would love if you did this too! To find out the people I’ve tagged to do this, I will include them at the bottom of this post.

So onto the 25 Random Facts....
 1.I’m extremely accident prone. I’m always tripping over my own feet or bumping into walls. I have a slight fear of wearing heels because I know that I’d be tripping in an instant! 

2. This goes together with being accident prone, but I’m not athletic whatsoever. I hated sports in school and I never liked sport extra-curriculars. I am just not the sporty type and that is okay.

3. I see myself as a very friendly person that always wants to help people in any way I can. I’ve been told this from many people in my life, but what most people don’t know is that I’m very quiet when I first meet people. I think it has to do with trust issues and being hurt, but who goes through life unscathed?

4. I instantly know whether or not if I like a person by the first time I meet someone. It sounds very weird, but I can pick up on the energies that are given off. It all depends on the vibe I get from a person or their attitudes. I’ve actually been asked why I don’t like specific people and I just cannot explain it without sounding weird.

5. So coinciding with fact #3, I don’t really trust people immediately and I used to put up really high boundaries for people. I know this has to do with my past. I’m a lot better with lowering my boundaries because I have friends that showed me that not all people are out to hurt.

6. When watching videos or reading blogs, it slightly bugs me when the person says that they do not like a product without giving an explanation on why they do not like the product. It’s like “I don’t like the product” and they move on. If you don’t like a product, there must be reasons behind that dislike. It’s as if I want to write in the comments “Please state the reasons why you dislike such and such a product. Simply stating your dislike is not enough”. I want to know the reasons behind it!

7. I was bullied extensively in school from kindergarten to tenth grade. It was a very difficult experience, but I know that it made me who I am today. I used to have friends that were not the best for me; they did not value me or think highly of me. I was so disrespected by them and I let them do that to me because I had no respect for myself. I was beaten down and I felt like I had no worth. It wasn’t until I was in the tenth grade that I realized I could not go through this anymore. Girls were passing notes about me in class and were doing so for weeks. I eventually realized that enough was enough. So in the middle of science class, I got up and left. The teacher followed me out and asked where I was going. I said “I need to go take care of some things” and walked away. I walked into the principal’s office where she was doing paper work. I was so infuriated by the time I got to the office that I told her that I needed to talk right this second and that she should get the vice principal too. I told them everything that happened and that I wasn’t going to stand for it any longer because I had enough. With tears pouring, I then looked them in their eyes and said “So what the (swear word) are you going to do about it?” This was shocking because I never spoke like this and surely not to someone in an authority position. I just couldn’t handle another day of constant torture. They followed through with their no-tolerance policy and expelled the students that were bullying me. When I got home, my parents were shocked that I spoke up and challenged authority like that because I was always shy.

8. I know that my experiences have inspired me to do Social Work. I want to work with kids that have been emotionally abused. Emotional scars never fade. They always lie deep within. I always felt alone when I was bullied, but I want kids to know that they are not.

9. It really makes me angry when people use the pity party card. I don’t like the whole “poor me” argument.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had moments where I felt sorry for myself. I just knew that I was only going to keep hurting myself if I kept thinking like a victim. I may have been victimized but I wasn’t going to let people keep doing that to me.

10. It surprises me that I have gained so much confidence by being true to what I wanted and not following the expectations of others.

11. While I get negative comments around blogging/making videos, I don’t let it bother me--too much. Sure, there have been some unexpected bumps in the road, but I know that I am doing something that I love. I’m not going to let the insecurity of another bother me.

12. My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives (particularly New Jersey and Orange County). I never follow a whole season, because I don’t know if I could handle all of the salaciousness--- or the constant drama! I have to watch it in small quantities. Another guilty pleasure is the Kardashians. I’m so on Team Khloe; I love how honest she is and she just seems to be really sweet!

13. I tend to be very true to my word. If I say I am going to do something, I do it. I really value that.

14. While I love neutral makeup, I tend to gravitate towards color nail polish. I do wear neutral polish, but color automatically gets my attention.

15. I have a slight obsession with office supplies. I know that if I ever set up an office, I’m going to go insane with hoarding Post-Its!

16. I don’t think I could ever be a makeup artist because I don’t like going near other people’s faces.  Putting makeup on myself is definitely fun!

17. I probably only straighten my hair twice a year. I have a straightener, but it gets no love. I wonder if it still works.

18. I check my emails constantly! I had to check my school email at least four times a day because of online classes/group work. The four times ended up turning into forty times a day and I became known with professors for being super prompt-- and for emailing a ton. Yes, I’m that annoying  person when I have questions that I need answered. Ha ha!

19. I’ve been in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. I’m born and raised in Nova Scotia and lived in Alberta too.

20. Growing up I had one pet.  He was my kindergarten grading present, and lived for seventeen years. My grandmother would make the joke that he’d outlive us all because he was considered really aged. He passed away when I was doing my first university degree.

 21. I have an Arts degree and a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I got credit for my last year of my Arts degree, so I got two years taken off my Social Work program. Most programs are four years.

22. I get really uncomfortable when people speculate about other people-- or pretty much gossip about them. When they ask “I wonder if she/he...”, I want to tell them to go ask that person about it before you make a ridiculous fool of yourself by repeating nonsense. Of course they won’t ask that person, but I’d rather have someone talking the truth than absolute lies.

23. I  love music. I have my “favorites” but I’m really enjoying some that I only just started listening to. Should I start adding them to my Monthly Favorites?
24. I’m left-handed.

25. I cannot tolerate gory movies. I actually feel violently sick to my stomach, and I’ve walked out of the room numerous times.

So those are my 25 Random Facts! I TAG:


Thank you so much for reading.


Danielle LovesGlitter said...

Great tag and answers Lacey! Xoxo

Vickie said...

That was a lot of fun, Lacey! What kind of pet did you have growing up? Hugs...