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Monday, November 14, 2011

In My Beauty Bin!

Hi there! I wanted to share with you an idea I got the other day while I was at work: Photobucket 
Huh? Let me give you all the details!

If you are always trying out products, it may be overwhelming. You have your monthly favorites, but that is just in the month that had just past. "In My Beauty Bin" is the solution. IMBB is for those products that you are testing or frequently using AND either love them or love to dislike them!
(Hate is too strong of a word!)

IMBB will not be done every month. That being said, IMBB will be done every two months. Two months worth of testing and fanatically using! 

There will be IMBB videos as well. If you would like, the IMBB videos could have something special in them! 

You've been beyond supportive of me and I cannot thank you enough. I would love your feedback on IMBB!

Hope that you are doing wonderfully!

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