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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Recent Beauty Obsessions


Hi there! I must apologize for not updating as much as I want to.  I want to share with you some of my recent beauty favorites. Consider this an early October favorites, if you will....

I have been hopelessly devoted to my Maybelline Fit Me foundation for ages. I wanted to try something new to break the habit. I picked up the L'Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Soufflee (shade 510 Light Ivory) as it was on sale. It's 0.67 fl oz or 20ml, and the packaging is glass. This product will not be something I will be toting around with me as it is heavy! It is so heavy that you could use it as a weapon. All kidding aside, this product works best for me with a primer and a brush. Let me explain: I have dry skin and when I applied and blended this with my fingers, not only did it look oily but it felt slippery. I was so frustrated with this product especially at the end of the work day. My face looked like it had no makeup on it at all!  Somewhere in this frustration, I got the genius idea of using a primer (my favorite being Pixi Beauty's Flawless and Poreless) before I applied the foundation. I also skipped using my fingers for blending. I now blend it with my Stipple brush from WalMart.  Bam flawless!

As you all know, I have been LOVING MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus. I just love how this keeps my skin matte. However, with it being expensive, I am looking for a drugstore alternative (if that is possible). Yet, I do think that this is one product that is very well worth the money! I always look warm after putting my makeup on, and this product does not allow me to be anything but matte. It's kind of like a matte superhero!  I really enjoy the coverage as you can apply it suit your needs. 

Highlighter wise, I have a love affair with Hard Candy's So Baked Bronzer in Tiki.  Tiki gives my skin the wake up that it needs and I love that it is like a second skin; it blends and matches to perfection! I have also been really enjoying the Hard Candy Moon Glow Luminizing Powder in 288 Luminizing. This is lighter than Tiki and more shimmery, so I only apply a small amount. I do not need to sparkle at the office....

For blushes, I love NYX's Angel and MAC's Dainty. Angel is super natural and classic meaning that I can wear this blush to the office and with a bit more application, I can wear it out. I just love how Angel makes my cheeks POP.  I need to be careful with Dainty because I made the mistake of putting a lot on my brush and it was definitely overdone--- a little makes this precious treasure go a long way. 

For eye bases, I have been really enjoying the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in RSVP and Birthday Suit. I cannot get over how amazing these are... I'm in love with these beauties! I find they are pigmented and last ALL day!  I have been using my Too Faced Shadow Insurance and my Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer as well.

Eyeshadows that I have been loving are my six MAC eyeshadows (Hypnotizing is beyond... ). My Wet n Wild Vanity palette is also another favorite that I feel everyone must have.

Lip- wise I have become more adventurous! Thanks to Meredith, I have been wearing pink lips. She sent me the Avon Pro color and lipgloss duo in Hot Lips. I wore this to work and it felt so good to get out of my brown lipstick rut! I need to do a review on this..

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I will be discussing more products in my October favorites video, so look forward to that on my YouTube channel around the first week of November (I will also include the link here on the blog as well).

Thank you so much for reading and hope that you are all doing wonderful! And try these beauty coupons on all the best obsessions

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