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Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi there! Today, I want to share a company that contacted me. This company is called LuckyChic, and they interviewed me (You can read the interview here). I really like this site. So what is LuckyChic?

Lucky Chic is the online shopping site where you can shop, bid and win must-have brands and luxury experiences! At Lucky Chic, experience the thrill of bidding for and getting deals you won't find anywhere else.

Whether it's that new Prada bag, a Saks or Neiman Marcus gift card, the latest bit of Apple genius, a unique luxury vacation to St. Barts, a VIP event experience at the Sundance Film Festival, or that fantastic item from a designer who only sells only to hard to find select boutiques, you can get it here(https://www.luckychic.com/page/about).

I am really excited that LuckyChic has gift cards! They have gift cards from WalMart, Amazon, Sephora, MAC, Apple... and that is only a few!  I cannot wait to see what gift cards I can get from LuckyChic! 
If you want to check out LuckyChic, here's a link! Enjoy your goodies!

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