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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How I Store My Makeup

Hello there! I hope that you are all doing well today. Today, I was inspired by Loose Button's Facebook page as they had mentioned organization. As you know, I am a fanatic about trying to find the best ways to keep everything tidy.  The "perfect" organization is a work in progress.

I have realized that you do not need to break the bank to store your makeup. If you want to spend a small fortune on storage, then you can. However, I am on a student's budget-- so big spending means major budgeting! If you have the money to splurge on storage, I think that is awesome. Until I can splurge on storage, these are the tricks I have accumulated:

The plastic storage bins from Wal-Mart. Sure, they are kind of plain, but if you get crafty, you can make them look pretty cute!

Pen and pencil organizers can become the perfect way to  keep your pencils, mascaras, and perhaps even lipsticks and glosses! I have taken this $5.00 organizer from Winners to store my lipliners, NYX Jumbo Pencils, and mascaras, and brow stuff!

Dollar Stores are also a great haunt for organization tools!  Here is an example of how I store my Wet n Wild products:
credit: http://laceysmiles84.blogspot.com

As state previously, I am always on the search for the "perfect" storage. Right now, my makeup area doubles as my school area. I would love to have a beauty room someday. 

Beauty Peeps, how do you store your makeup? 

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