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Monday, May 30, 2011

Yay or Nay Monday: Spring Cleaning-- Beauty Style!

If you stepped into my room sometimes, you would not think that  I love to be organized. I really do like having a place for everything; not only to help me find it better, but it just looks better when you walk into a room and it is neatly organized. I think I have a preference over my own organizational style as I am not too fond when someone moves something on me!

Come springtime, we all have cleaning to do. While thinking of this, I thought what about doing Spring Cleaning--Beauty Style! This week's "Yay or Nay Monday" is about the adventure so far. 

I have two four drawer organizers and one three drawer organizer. I use the three drawer one for products I use every day, and then one of the four for products I use more frequently, and the other for other products or back ups. While this does not seem to be too bad, it gets worse. I tried to divide products by brand and I feel that it is here where my organization is not working for me. Second, I feel that I am like a makeup squirrel. I haul makeup like a squirrel hoards nuts. I always want to try new products.  I look through my collection, and I think, "Hey, I did not know I had this".  Is that terrible or is it just me?

Last night, I decided to go through and see what I could get rid of and see what I can give a second chance to. I eliminated a bunch of products, and I have found my second try products. I am going away in August, so I have decided to shop my collection until then. I can buy products when I go away. I still have some products coming (but they were ordered before this decision-- do you want me to review those?). 

I still have one more section of drawers to go through, so I feel that will be an upcoming task between schoolwork. 

I totally recommend going through your collection and seeing what products you no longer want or what products you want to give a second try to. You never know what you may find!

Have you ever went on a no-buy/shop your collection? How do you fight your haul urges? Any tips or suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA.

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