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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bare Naked Face

It's not THAT kind of bare naked (get that out of your minds, please!).  I am talking about wearing none to very little products on your face. Oh, okay then. It's kinda naked.

Have you ever sat down and thought about how many products you wear on a daily basis? I have moments where I  sit and go through my beauty routine in my head. Am I the only person who does that? Please assure me that I am not.... but I probably am.

While thinking like this, I thought about how many products I actually need rather than out of convenience.  I think foundation is essential, and it has to be matted with a powder. While I'm an eyeshadow junkie, I think I could just use a light neutral shade. Pair that with mascara and I am set. Just some lip gloss and I'm out the door ready to start my day.   If I have a late night, which is usual (oh academics, why must you leave me looking like a raccoon?), then I need  concealer!

So what are your "beauty essentials" and what do you think you could use to get a very quick face?

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