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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Will I See Here?

With the new layout, comes more frequent blog posts. I hope to bring you new content every day (or two; schedule allowing. I'm aiming for every day, so we will stay with that!)

So what will you see here? The header says "hauls, reviews, tutorials, and more", and  I do not intend to stray too far from that.   I feel that I personally overdid the hauls. While it is fun to see, it's not that interesting when it is all I film or post about.  I am not entirely eliminating hauls; I just intend to not post as many so it will be fun when I post them. 

I want to do more reviews. I may buy products, but rarely do I post what I think of them. I think that is where my blog has been lacking. I want to share what I think of the products in my collection and whether I think they are worth re-purchasing or not.  I am thinking of what to call my reviews.

I will also be interacting more on Facebook and Twitter.  I would love to see you there!

I would love to hear what you want to see posted here. While I stated how I feel above, should I keep doing hauls like I have?  Your feedback inspires me!

ETA: I was thinking of blog topics for Monday through Friday, and I wanted to get your feedback:

Yay or Nay Mondays: These will be my reviews on whether I think a product earns a "yay" or a "nay".
Tag Tuesdays:  I will be looking for beauty related tags or perhaps do a mini-collection post and tag it! If you know of any tags, let me know.
What's On My Face Wednesdays: Self-explanatory, but I will take a picture of what makeup I am wearing on Wednesday, and then list the products. Perhaps a tutorial, if you wish!
Talk About It Thursdays: This could be anything such as makeup experiences, storage methods, hauls, or questions for me!
In My Makeup Bag Fridays: I will show you the products that I've been using for that week!

Do you like these, or other suggestions?

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