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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Talk About It Thursday

In this blog, I would like to have Thursdays as a talk or discussion day. I was thinking about what I could talk about today, and since this is the first "Talk About It Thursday",  I thought it would be best to talk about how I respond when people find out about my love for beauty products.

As I started to get into makeup and develop my collection, I knew that it would be unreasonable and irresponsible to splurge on everything I see.  As soon as I think about splurging,  reality sets in. It is as if I am thinking about bills and loans, and what I have to give out before I can have a little beauty product play.  I know that responsibilities are good to have, and it definitely keeps me in line when it comes to beauty spending.Whenever I get paid from work, I make sure I treat myself. I think everyone should do that.

So when people find out I love beauty products, I get one of two reactions. I get strange looks and then "Oh you must be vain".  Or I get, "Seriously? You must be kidding". Um, no. I'm not kidding. Are you kidding over your video game fanaticism?  I'm not either.   I'm really not vain, I just like experimenting with different products.  If you do not see what works, then how are you going to know?  I have also had some beauty blunders as well, and they make me laugh. I know I would not laugh at all if I paid a ton of money for beauty products.

I am saving for some makeup shopping in the summer when I go on vacation.  I cannot wait!

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