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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Confess! I'm a Makeup Addict.

So if you're anything like me, you stock up on products that you see reviews on. You put them away in your storage waiting for the time to use them. You wait a bit and get the sudden urge to try out products, and you feel like you need to do some serious haulage. You try to think about what you need, and go over it in your head numerous times. Do I need this mascara? Do I need this highlighter? I liked that palette, do I need another? The questions surround your thinking process and then you are overwhelmed. You go through your storage and discover "Hey, I have ALL these products waiting to be tried!"

I guess my mother is right; I am the beauty counter. It's funny really. She always asks me for my feedback, yet she jokes that I don't need to shop. I just need to open the beauty drawers and pick out a product. Is that a sign of an addiction? 

In case you're wondering, I have been using  the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer for months and it has become my must have product for covering up those itty bitty marks left behind from the Acne Monster -yes, I've named him.  I also use the Maybelline Age Rewind Double Face Perfector for my under eye area. I've been having major circles lately. Is the raccoon look coming back? I don't think so! I've been using these products for months and I cannot rave enough about them. I have another DM concealer as a back-up, but I have picked up two Rimmel concealers as well.  I picked up the Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue concealer (for $2!!)  in Soft Beige and the Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting concealer ( 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter) in Ivory.  I am thinking of trying them as soon as possible. I have heard really good things about the Match Perfection concealer. 

I have been surrounded by school work for the past few weeks. I am in the process of writing a final paper, and I cannot wait for it to be done. I could not wait to write, so I just needed to put the paper aside and blog away.  I have been feeling really down and I have been doing some pick me up beauty shopping.  This has resulted in me having moments of pure confusion in what products to wear every morning. I am definitely shopping my stash for the next little while. My storage and bank account need it!

So what products have you been addicted to lately?  I would love to hear your beauty product addictions!

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