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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hi there! I have been organizing for what seems like forever, but I am so excited to share the final result with you. I decided to get rid of a bunch of products that I was not using for months or that they were really old. In my own opinion,  I seriously downsized my collection.

I have been browsing the beauty blogs and have been seeing all the new collections from brands. I will be honest; I am addicted. Yes, I have just gotten rid of stuff, and now I want more. I am trying not to splurge as I am saving for a week of shopping in the summer. I am wanting to check out the aisles, and see what I can find---- and not break the bank!

What are some of your new favorite products? 

I have had a stomach bug since last night, but I am feeling a lot better.

Next post: new organization!!!

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