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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Questions and New Items

 I was going to film a video, but then noticed that the battery was low on my camera. My camera is charging I write. 

I am planning on doing a Questions & Answers video on my channel. I don't know if you have questions for me. I was thinking about doing something different for my channel so that you can get to know me more.  So if you want to ask me something, please do.
 I will be posting a video as soon as my camera charges!
(Disclaimer: I will not be answering any that are asking for personal information like where I live, or anything graphic.)

During the work week, I just do a neutral eye. It is office appropriate and it does not make people stare (but I would not care if they did).  I have been getting a little tired of neutrals lately, and have been experimenting by shopping my collection. Do you ever get to the point where you think your collection is just getting WAY too out of hand? I am at that point. It is funny that I say that, because at this moment I am thinking of getting some CoverGirl with some coupons I had saved. I know that CoverGirl is inexpensive, but with coupons, why not? I am getting off my point here (my professors say I have a disorganized train of thought, but I just think I have a ton to say in a hyper fashion. Okay, I need to work on that).  What I am trying to say is that I have been shopping in my collection lately to see what I can come up with.  I have been picking up new products, and I really shouldn't because my "stash" is getting insane. I used to swear by one pressed powder. I've been on the hunt for the "perfect" pressed powder lately. (I have no clue why--- experimentation?) During this hunt, I have accumulated four more. Can I admit that it's a bit embarrassing to say that? There's very little access to high end makeup where I live, so I shop a for a lot of drugstore makeup. 

As I shop my "stash", I would like to do non-neutral looks. I am thinking of going back to doing the FOTW's that I used to do in the summer.  Or, I might do my FOTW's on camera. 

**All opinions expressed in this blog are 100 percent my own. **

I've recently purchased some Mark products, and they came in yesterday. I bought the Matte-nificent Oil Absorbing Powder and the On the Dot Eye Color Compact. I need to give myself an exfoliating treatment tonight as my skin has been looking brutal the past few days with dryness and a pimple. My skin looks like there is no "oomph" to it; it's that brutal.  I've played around with the On the Dot colors, and they are not as pigmented as I thought they were going to be There are a few more things I will say in an upcoming video. I do like the colors a lot, and will be doing swatches as well. 

I hope that you are all doing marvelous this weekend!


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