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Friday, November 12, 2010

Blush Happy

I just got home and wanted to write a quick update.  As of right now, I am finished with makeup shopping. I am slowly running out of space for my little jewels. I wanted to add more blushes to my collection, so I did that today. I found a good sale- 30% off Cover Girl products if you buy 3 products. I bought two eyeshadow singles in Champagne and Mink, and a Cheekers blush in Cinnamon Toast. I also had coupons for Cover Girl products, so I used those too!

I also found Rimmel Colour Rush eyeshadow singles in Spun Gold and Smokey Quartz.  They are regularly $4.29 each, but I got them for $2.49.  Then I found a Maybelline ExpertWear blush in Dusty Mauve  for $4.29. They are regularly $7+.  I also purchased a Rimmel London blush in Berry which is regularly $6 +, and I got it for $4. 

Continuing the blush happy spree, I bought the Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher in 833E Mellow Wine, and the NYC Powder Blush in 653C Park Avenue Plum.

I also purchased one more wonderful product, but I am saving that for the video..... stay tuned! Swatches will be in the video as well.

Here is the video. I don't think you can see the swatches, but let me know and I'll make another video.

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