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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haul Update

I promised an update on my recent purchases but a video needs to wait. I'm currently sick with the flu and I am literally a hot mess! I want to be able to do one when I can actually talk without hacking up a lung. Anyhow, enough with the moping!!

I found a lot of Back to School items from ELF.  I found the Back to School Beauty Encyclopedia in Neutral Eyes

I also got two palettes in smoky and neutral eyes. I couldn't find these on the website....

I have been really into mineral makeup lately. I purchased two sets from Naturale Beauty
I got them from Winners. I really like Winners as you can get some high end products at a discounted price.   I purchased the Expert Eyes and Basic Browns sets. The colors are:


These sets came with some really nice brushes. I've been using them every day and I really like how well they work and how soft they are.
I really wish I could do a video for you sharing everything with you. Please note that I will be doing one when I am back to feeling better.

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