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Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 Swatches

Sorry that I'm so late getting these up!! I'm still sick, but I'm feeling better. I took a sick day at work, so I slept in and got some extra sleep.

So here's the swatches:

(From L-R: Candlelight, Pink Kiss, Malt Shake, Goddess, and Watermelon)

I hope the picture quality isn't too bad.  If you'd like me to do swatches to my complexion, let me know. 

I will be doing a video review like I promised when I am feeling 100 percent better. 


Patience Frost said...

I think I like Goddess the best. Thanks so much for posting this :)

Lacey said...

You're more than welcome :)