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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Love Mail!!

When I got home this evening, I had three packages waiting for me. I am the biggest mail nerd- I love receiving things in the mail. I've been waiting for the packages to arrive, and was so happy to see them lying there.  I opened the boxes, and noticed one of the items had a tag for $4.98. I did not pay $4.98 for that specific item. I paid $13.58.  It was an online order, but I called the store. They didn't know what to do, as they said they've never seen that happen before. I can understand that as things happen.  They recommended me to try calling customer service. 

Thirteen minutes later, I had an answer. I'm not the most patient person waiting on the phone (I admit it) , even though I work on the phones as well. I must say that I'm quite pleased at how great the customer service is; by this, I am also including the store associates as well. They were more happy to assist me, and I felt the politeness in their voice. Now, they might just be doing their job and didn't really care, but I felt that they did. They refunded the difference to my online account which made me happy!! I had a prior experience with the bookstore where a book I ordered had 40 cut pages and slanted text. I did an in store return, and they were so helpful.

Oh, in case you want to know, here's the link to the online site: Bookstore 

I will be posting a video shortly.  


Patience Frost said...


I am so glad that you had a positive customer service experience. It is rare when this happens. I am so glad they were able to fix the charge and give you credit. I hope you enjoy your items :)

Lacey said...

Thanks :)