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Saturday, January 23, 2010

ELF Review

[ Disclaimer: I know that I wanted to do a video review of the ELF products that I recently purchased, and I had planned to. On Monday, I had an allergy attack. I had another Wednesday night and got two hours of sleep due to the coughing & sneezing. I went to work on Thursday and felt like zombie.  I have a really bad cough and my voice is raspy. I don't want to make a video with me needing to cough every few minutes. So to save you from that, I'm writing my review.]

Nail Polish:  I have a new love!! I painted my nails the night before my birthday. Nine days later, and I need to do them again. I've had nail polish that began to chip that same day. This polish goes on smooth and it dries instantly. I was shocked at how fast it dries.

The colors are Fire Coral, Hot Pink (which looks red in the bottle, but I love the color regardless), and Fuschia.

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15: I've tried other lip glosses that promised a hint of color and had none, if very little.  With these, there is a hint of color.  I wore one of these while shopping and didn't reapply it. It does come off easily, and at times, it felt a little sticky. However, it left my lips feeling smooth.

The colors I have are: Pink Kiss,  Goddess, Malt Shake, Watermelon, and Candlelight.  I felt that Pink Kiss was too light for my pale complexion and made me look very washed-out.

Get the Look: The shadows are soft and silky. I rubbed my eyes and it came off. I need to do a test with some primer and see how they do. I really love how silky they are. It looks very natural. The eyeshadow brush is very, very soft. I haven't used the eyeliner as I'm not the biggest fan of eyeliner. The mascara included was fantastic!! I still have to try out the lashes.

If you'd like to see pictures, let me know! I cannot wait to purchase more.


Patience Frost said...

I love your reviews. That nail polish sounds awesome, now if only I could paint my nails without it turning into a total mess lol. Maybe you should do a nail painting tutorial! I am glad you mentioned the Pink Kiss making you look washed-out, I tend to find that a lot of things make me look washed-out, so I might opt out of this color in a future order.

Lacey said...

Thank you for the great idea! :)

I will post a picture of me with the Pink Kiss gloss. It just may be me, but I didn't like it with my complexion. I could also post swatches if you'd like.

Patience Frost said...

Oh that's be awesome!